Unresponsive girlfriend... awful timing smh?

So basically an ex-gf that I recently started seeing again (its been amazing by the way, so much fun) is not responding after she asked me to come over tomorrow bc she has breast cancer, and wants me to be there during surgery Tues. And I need to stay over to bc the surgery is at 6 AM.

We were supposed to discuss details last night because I live in Long Island, she’s in in Jersey (Trust me there’s reasons it’s worth the trip, amazing girl).

I texted her a pic of me making her a chicken Caesar salad (her fav besides pizza) bc to ask what the deal was exactly, and a few other really nice texts. I haven’t heard back, and it’s not surprising (she loves intentionally waiting to get back, so obvious). Yet, this is not time to play games. I want to be there for her and simply wanted to know what time should I leave NYC (graduating in 15 days from a top business school there 😁) after class. She’s usually very unresponsive, I know she plays games it’s fine.

Yet, if y’all were dating a guy who’s coming from LI to Jersey to help you before and after surgery, made you food, wouldn’t you at least say something?

I know she has cancer and am more then understanding, I sent only nice texts last night that most girls would acknowledge at least. She must be scared of the surgery, or frustrated bc well she said it is. It’s not life threatening thank g-d but I’d imagine she’s just not responding bc she hates thinking about it.

Albeit true, it makes me think like wtf I got my bags packed to stay over, made her food, told her I’m bringing food, and am going to take care of her post-op.

I’m still going to go but why is she doing this? For context I’m graduating soon, she’s insecure about her age (29), and she’s always paid the bill. But in 2 weeks from now I’ll be done and the roles reverse. I’m also objectively better looking then her, she must know this. I think she’s either beyond upset or playing games at a time where that’s not cool.


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  • I don't know her but maybe she feels like she might be feeling overwhelmed and doesn't want help anymore

    • Right. But that doesn’t mean she has something against me right? Like I’m doing a lot of nice stuff most guys wouldn’t give a damn to do

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