My boyfriend has gone awol this evening. Should I think he is cheating?

So me and the boyfriend have an ok relationship. It’s been rocky for maybe a month but seems to have got back to what it was. We’ve been together 8 months.

We message a lot, probably too much. So I know his routines and what he is up to and vice versa.

Tonight, he has just stopped messaging. He should be at home but hasn’t been online at all. If he had plans, he would have mentioned them to me. It’s been hours and I’m getting paranoid where he is at. This is so out of character for him. Is he with another girl? What do I do?


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  • Don't be paranoid. He must have probably passed out because he's tired or something. Wait for his excuse and then judge


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  • Ever listen to a radio show called War od the Roses? They bust cheaters professionally

  • He could be dealing with some problems that have led him to a dark place.

  • Nah. Let him explain himself when he gets home.

    • We don’t live together. I’ve had suspicions recently he may be seeing his ex.

      Maybe I’m being crazy but this is outta character. Don’t wanna ask as he doesn’t have to explain his every move to me... it’s just that he usually tells me everything he is up to grrrr

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