How can I be reasonable when he takes forever to text me back?

the guy i am dating takes forever to text me back, i know he is busy with work and he is older, so texting isn't important but i hate carrying on a conversation with hours in between, its just pointless. it annoys me more because i see him on Facebook or instagram during this time too. how can i not let this bother me? i hate waiting to answer him too because i don't see a point in playing games. what should i do so this doesn't bother me?


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  • it might as well play a part in ur attraction towards him, that he "indirectly ignores" u.

    may i rather say, the fact he can remain conscious enough to concentrate on his work instead of writting to u, meanwhile u can be angry of this, but u have time to daydream about him.

    Im just saying, take it into consideration, that this trait may play a part in your love, even if u feel temporarily embarassed by it.

    • You are right that I may be more attracted because he “indirectly ignores” me..
      What do you mean about the other stuff though?

    • I mean I see it embarasses u in times that he's in control of his emotions to concentrate on other things, but turn it methodically upside down: if he wouldn't be like that u couldnt love him as much.
      something like that, sorry im very tired before my first coffee...😅

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  • That’s a little annoying especially if you’re dating... I would just wait until he texts you and just go on with your day or ask him whats going on


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  • Sometimes people don't text so they seem cool and not desperate and so the other person views a message as more special. If I text someone a lot then they would get bored and just like 'oh it's him again' lol so I might just hold off

  • Sorry pal he's just not interested in you yet. You have to try harder like leave a joke or tease him


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