Why are so many guys so jealous over other peoples' relationships?

When I go out with my boyfriend, it's pathetic seeing all the jealousy over me coming from other guys. I know that I'm attractive and that some guys want me, but I'm 1 out of 3 billion girls on this planet. It's not like I'm unique. But so many guys act jealously to a pathetic degree, a surprising amount, really. And what gets me is that a lot of it comes from good-looking guys, guys who should be able to get girls of their own. But it's like they're entitled or something and don't understand why girls like me don't just offer ourselves to them. There's no reason for them to be jealous and not have their own girl, yet they are. What is going on?


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  • They are hopeless

    • I don't understand why otherwise attractive guys get so jealous when they have every ability to get their own girls. Is that really how bad it's gotten, like are they expecting girls to fall in their laps?

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