Getting back with an ex?

I broke with my ex she's moved out. But I thot we were gonna have some time to change and see if we could work it out. I've been sulking and she went out on a cpl dates. So after these dates she explained to me that she wants only me. My problem is I feel like I missed the chance to date and see if I'll feel the same as her. What do you guys think? Also we did not break up due to cheating. Currently I'm trying to date someone else but should I even try or should I go back to her


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  • I don't know, i'd honestly be iffy about this!
    I went through a similar scenario with my ex. He broke up with me, and began seeing someone maybe 2 weeks after he ended things. He tried to be my friend, and tried to stay in touch but i refused.
    Long story short, after months of dating, he decided to come back and try to get back together.
    During those months it gave me time to think and really determine how i felt about the relationship, so I didn't accept the offer to start over. It was the best decision i've ever made!

    You need to really think about it heavily. She's been out on dates, and she prob has an expectation of guys since dating you. Perhaps she wants someone similar, but also more or different than you. Depending on the reason you broke up, and depending on the relationship, it's entirely up to you!
    Do be warned though, getting back with an ex really is hard to do. I've seen it many times, and it never works out. Feelings change, that trust is broken, and the relationship becomes entirely different due to the breakup.

    Are you comfortable with returning back to her, and working through things to gain the old relationship back? Are you okay with the breakup, and what her reasons were for moving out at the time, will that effect the future relationship with you?

    do you want to get out there and see someone new? See if there's someone who's more suited to you, who makes you happy, who enjoys being around you and hopefully will be into a future relationship with you as well?

    Do what you're comfortable with, and honestly don't let your heart / emotions interfere with your mind. Nows the time to think about yourself, what you want, what you think is best for you. Think it over, all the best :)


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