Anytime I’ve gotten a boyfriend, I’m always the one staying home and trying my best not to do things they don’t like. I’m currently in a relationship where I do that exact thing , he goes out and I don’t get upset but when I go out he tries to go out.. kind of like he’s going out because he doesn’t want me to go out or he’s mad about me going out... when the shoe is on the other foot the guy always gets upset. I’m tired of being that chick that doesn’t want to go out.. what should I do?


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  • Do as you please what you feel like doing, don't revolve your life around a guy and what he likes or doesn't like you to do.
    If you start doing that more and more, what I mean is in order to keep a guy happy you short change yourself, all that's going to do is make you miserable and build a resentment toward the guy.
    If a guy really likes you he would want you to go out without him, especially if it makes you happy.
    A mature guy knows a happy girlfriend makes for a great relationship, the flip side is, a miserable girlfriend makes a stressful relationship.
    Some guys not all just some believe they're the king and the girl is the fool, don't feed into any guys bullshit, if the guy has a problem with you going out and having fun tell him to deal with it, if he walks screw him you wouldn't want a guy like that anyway.

    • Thank you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • Honestly you are a big help thank you so much. This made me feel better and I feel like I can finally do as I please

    • Thank you, finally something good about me being on GAG.
      Some guys try to control everything we do, when in reality they can't even control their own lives.
      I have no time for the immature type guy who thinks he's got me under his thumb, I'm not talking like I'm something special, but that type of guy can take a walk I don't want him.
      I wish you the best, you'll be okay believe me

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