Would you agree to this first date arrangement if asked?

Imagine it’s the first date and one person lays out this plan: (I’m going to use a guy asking a girl out as an example)
1. The person who asked for the date (the guy) pays for everything fully expecting to burden the entire cost of everything he’s planned to do with his date (the girl). Meaning there won’t be any taking a date out to an expensive place and footing them with half of an unexpected bill.
2. He gives his Cashtag or Venmo username to the girl
3. After the date where he has payed for everything the girl has two options send him some money as a gift or don’t
4a. If she chooses to give nothing it’s accepted as a sign that she enjoyed the date but isn’t necessarily looking for a second date. The guy now knows it’s best not to ask her out again either because she’s not interested or she’s only in it for the free stuff. She gets a free date and no more contact with this guy.
4b. If she chooses to give a little money it’s her saying I liked this date and I’d like to see you again. So now he knows that she liked the date and can decide to ask her out again. Or if he doesn’t want to ask her out he at least didn’t loose all the money he spent.
4c. If she completely pays for herself it can mean two things either she liked him so much she’s willing to pay everything to show the guy that his company is the only thing she wanted or that she didn’t like him and didn’t want to feel any guilt for him spending his money on her. Very few people are going to think wow I didn’t like this date at all so I’m going to pay him back to make sure I don’t feel obligated to speak to him ever again... but I’m only going to pay back some of it. It kind of makes it perferable not to give a full refund if you like him.
4d. She sends more than her fair share. I don’t see this one happening often but it’d essentially be like super liking a person on tinder or something. Very few guys are going to see a full refund plus a tip and think I still don’t know if she wants to go out again.
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  • No I don’t think it would work for me
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  • I’d never suggest it but if someone asked me to try it I would
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I guess number 4 is more understood than talked about and agreed upon.


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  • I would give a try


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  • You’re overthinking

    • That’s fine. It’s not like overthinking’s ever hurt me. Just thought it was an interesting idea.

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    • That’s fine. Thanks for trying.

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