Did I do something wrong?

Im dating a girl. It was our fourth date and she kissed me. Its been a few days almost a week by now and she seems to be avoiding me. She either leaves my messages on seen or avoids answering my questions. All I have done was ask if she would like to go see a movie or if she would like to go out to eat.


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  • How good are you at kissing?

    I would do that if the guys didn't know how to kiss, and I wouldn't have the heart to tell him that (that actually happened to me once)

    • Hmmm. Well its the 2nd girl I've kissed so can't really say im good. Plus it was kind of fast. She grabbed my head kissed me and she said good night and left.

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    • We where both doing dark jokes but her jokes where more dark than the ones I did

    • Maybe she's going through some issues, or maybe she realised there's no chemistry.
      Text saying that you're not sure what happened, but if she doesn't want to continue to get to know you, she can say so. So you don't keep bothering her.
      Something along these lines, maybe she'll clarify things with you

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  • You're a man, so obviously you did something wrong.


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