Why won't he call if he likes me?

known a guy a couple months, we talk all the time because he approaches me and starts convo. we flirt, small brushes, sitting close, and I catch him checking me out a lot. he always stares at me in class/holds doors and blushes if I compliment him/touch him...

all this and then the big failure:

i needed to burrow his book to write my paper (I couldn't afford another book, we buy them every week). at any rate, I FB message him if we could meet up before class, passed my digits, and sent it. he NEVER replies or texts/calls. that was two days ago. we had class together yesterday, but I had to leave out early, so idk, but I still would've texted/msged me back if I honestly didn't get the message until late or whatever. he's straight up ignoring it. why would he do that?

- and I know he was on FB based on his activity/we've fb messaged before and he ALWAYS replied.


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  • Just do it again. He might have actually missed it.

    • I SERIOUSLY doubt that...and what if he did get it and I message him twice? that seems like I'm pressuring him.

    • No it wouldnt. Flip the situation. Say there was a guy who did the same to you and you did not respond to a FB message for two days. Would you actually get upset if he sent the message again? Probably not.

      If you do send it again, don't send it via FB.

  • facebook messenging never ends well trust me on this


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