Is it safe to say that the guy I went on a first date with is not interested in pursuing me further?

I met this guy online on a dating site, we messaged everyday for 7 days leading up to our first date.

The messages and chat we had going was fun, happy, serious and all good things rolled into one. He was the one who asked me out and mostly the one to initiate good morning and how's your day going texts, I did initiate a few times as well.

We met up 3 days ago and in my opinion we had a really good date, conversation was great, no awkward moments. He walked me to my car and I initiated the hug goodbye while saying how good of a time I had with him and that I would love to keep in contact and see where things go. He agreed and said for sure and since the date ended he has not bothered to send a single message.

Not even a " Hey, I had a really great time, was lovely to meet you" text, just zilch. I find it unusual that a guy who was texting me every day for 7 days has gone missing in action.

I've seen him online on the dating site a few times since the date so he hasn't lost or broken his phone.

I'm guessing he isn't interested if it's gone on to 3 days?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Hard to say. 1. He may actually not be interested but unlikely, considering the story. 2. He may be playing a hard to impress/hard to get macho, which is so not cool. Many guys have this stupid 3 day no contact rule. 3. He may have liked you so much that now he's intimidated by you. 4. He may not be ready for a relationship even though he let the actual date happen. 5. He may have liked you but caught a significant difference in your goals. Maybe you mentioned you want kids in future and he doesn't or maybe he is just not ready for other reason? Please keep me updated, I'm interested.

    • It's been 5 days and no word - updating you as requested😊

Most Helpful Guy

  • You didn't Look like your photos i guess

    • I actually do

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    • Nope, full length. I'm slim

    • Maybe he's just found someone else he prefers but id deffo move forward if i was you

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  • He probably lost interest, but if you want to be sure you could text him

    • Nah I'm not that desperate lol

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    • True. But hey - I wasn't the one asking the question whether it would be safe to say that he wasn't interested anymore ;)

    • True

  • Definitely not interested.
    If a guy was interested after first date, he would still be texting you.

    • See now that's what I thought too because he never missed a single day leading up to the date.

  • He lost interest.


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