Is size difference important?

Okay so I've been going on a few first dates recently, some went well, some were okay, and nothing has come of any of them. They all have a common reason too.

The dates that went okay and that was that no second date, they said that I was just too big. I'm about 6'4" so I can see why, but the same thing was true for the dates that went well. After the date, we had sex, but again nothing became of it. They all said I was too big just... in a different sense.

The thing I've noticed is that all of these girls are all under 5'4" (dont have a thing for small girls they all just happened to be below that height). So is there a point were big is too big? In both senses of the term.


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  • It's possible it could be your size, or height even. But then again, it depends what the girl is after too. After hooking up, maybe neither girl wanted a relationship, or didn't want anything serious and that's why there was no date #2.
    It could be possible that the sex was uncomfortable or maybe they just didn't feel they clicked with you in a sexual/ intimate way, and didn't enjoy it.

    There could be many reasons, but I wouldn't put it all on your height, size, or anything specific about you. Keep trying :)


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