He asked me if I love him? But we’re not even a couple?

He’s asked me this on two separate occasions and I don’t know what to say.

I thought we were just casually dating but now I’m wondering if he has deeper feelings toward me?

Why would a guy who isn’t my boyfriend ask this?


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  • That's a little intense! I'm hoping he meant as a friend or does he mean in love with him? I guess just say I Like you as a friend, you guys don't really know each other to that extent for you to have those feelings yet..

    • We’ve known each other for years! But have actually just started dating. He says it when we’re spending time together or holding hands or kissing. The first time he asked me that it really caught me by surprise

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    • You’re absolutely right. I’ve got some thinking to do and I’ll sort things out with him! Thank you so so much for everything

    • I tried lol no problem! All the best :)

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  • It seems like he has more feelings for you than you do for him

    • See I do like him and all, I just never looked at our relationship this way. Moreso as a way to keep myself from getting hurt.

    • He likes you so if you really like him too u should go for it it seems like he really likes you and it doesn't look like he wants to hurt you

    • You’re right. The other day we stood in the mirror holding each other and it kinda put me in the feels. We just looked so cute together

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  • Blurred lines between friends with benefits and dating... Feelings develop and confusion sets in

    • You’re absolutely right. And know I’m beginning to feel confused. I was with him a few days ago and he said he’s gonna make me his girl... which I also wasn’t expecting

    • Then don't walk the gray zone. He's hinting, so you're the one that needs to draw the black and white... If that's what you want. I don't presume you like the confusion.
      Let him know or ask him to quit beating around the bush already and be straight. Sometimes guys say shit just to see how flustered you may get... So communicate and clear the air.

  • Well, us boys are usually more into serious relationships and if you date someone, ether he acts weird or acts bold, like he did. He is really into you and if you don’t feel the same, you should wait until you’re ready.


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