Should I reach out to her or wait for her to get in touch?

So in the past few months I have gotten a lot closer to this girl I have known for a few years. She just got out of a long relationship, she graduates college soon, and moved out of her ex's family's house into an apartment. We have always been decent friends though.

The relationship ended when he cheated on her, but she didn't tell his family why they broke up.

When she moved out of the house, I offered to help her move, she declined my help, saying that she didn't need any help moving, but then asked another guy to help her and didn't tell me. She said that she was talking to a guy but dismissed it as not serious and called the guy nice.

We have only talked once since she moved out 3 weeks ago. I gave her my phone number, in case she wanted to reach out, but she hasn't made any attempt to do so since that one time. In fairness, she is finishing college, so she could be swamped with class work and "work" work and such. Should I reach out to her or wait until she contacts me?


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  • Reach her


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