I need someone's help, please?

So I went to a movie with a guy that I work with last Sunday on Halloween. It went really well and he said he wanted to hang out again. He texted me first Monday and Tuesday. I texted him last night (Wednesday) and asked him if he wanted to hang out this weekend? He said yes, but now I cannot think of anything to do.. We don't have any mutual friends and it's way too early to invite him over because my parents will be home. We already discussed it, and neither one of us are ready for that yet. What should we do?


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  • Well, you can always go out to eat or just hang out at the mall or something. If you guys like movies, then you can see another movie if you like. If you want something different, then you can just try some restaurant, or just hang as friends. You don't necessarily have to spend money going out, but you can take walks, go for a drive, and just spend time together. That's the whole point of a date is for the time together. Just find something that you guys both like and discuss it with him. Ask for his opinion and if he's OK with it, then it's OK.

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