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We haven't fully met in person, but even without questions to say, we have soo many different likes and interests, and she seems like the one! But some complications fall forth, and I am becoming unsure.. When we talk online, its mostly the setting of a usual life, because we do a roleplay a bit for the lack of actual human contact... But a lot of the time its about sexual desire, nd such. I am kinda skeptical on whether or not it would be based on her actual life, or a mask she uses to impress me.. She cooks and cleans and basically does everything while we talk... but I had standards in the past and the constant sexual desires wasn't one that I particularly liked. It seemed to cause stuff like deception, and what led my last girlfriend to leave... cheating.. Which was 1 out of only 3 within my whole life. I dont know what to do, and I dont want to lose her in my life, because she seems like the one, because of our similar likings, and how we act like one another. Any ideas, gals? Does all females only desire sexual encounters, and not just a bond by liking tge same things as your significant other? It seems bleak, and it has me thinking I was the one doing wrong... So, please help.


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  • I think she could just be trying to impress or connect with you better, since RP is usually about fetishes and desires. Given online RP is also a way to express your deepest desires without alarming anyone, as not everyone gets the RP affection.

    from your description, you met a girl who you've grown highly interested and close with, which is great. Maybe instead of RP try to find out more about her. Talk with her, and try to avoid acting in RP for a while. Let her know you enjoy it, but you want to get to the core of her, and get to know who she truly is!
    If you've never met in person, its very hard to judge her personality, characteristics, and herself overall just through knowing someone online.
    Perhaps offer a different way to keep in touch? Maybe ask if she wants to have a Skype date with you? Or chat on a social media site? Something that gets you two more connected, and more like BFFs instead of putting the fantasy RP as something primary between you two.

    As a female myself, no. There's SO MUCH MORE than sex out there. You don't have to like everything the same, but sharing a strong connection emotionally, and spiritually is important too! So give her a chance, and try to switch things up a bit in your daily chats. See if she'd be interested in connecting over a different site, and even with you calling her if she doesn't mind.
    Give it time, and keep working at it! Hopefully you both can move past the RP importance, and focus on many other things relationship wise :)


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