I am extremly attracted to blonde girls with blue/green eyes but in general they are not into white guys. Why do they prefer other races tho?

I have been into this type of girls since... forever I guess but as I noticed they are the type of girls that are generally not into white guys so being a white guy is definitely not helpful at all. Should I maybe try to change my type? maybe go for Asian girls and latina girls who are usually into white guys? Or just try something else? What do you think? got any good advice cause I could really use some at this point. Thank you!


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  • She's not not attracted to you because you're white. I guarantee you that's not why

    • What do you generally see blondes with?

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  • Yeah I've kinda noticed that too. I guess opposites attract.

    • What race do yoy generally see blondes with?

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    • Okay now Im sure you are trolling lol

    • No mah ahah I am serious. Lots of black men love white bbw's lol.

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  • Statistically white women are more likely to marry men of their own race than any other group. I see a question like this every other day, and I don't know where you guys get this idea from.

  • It’s not that you’re white it’s that you’re probably just average. And please stay away from us minorities with that attitude.


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