Any advice for dating older girls?

Its a big turn on wen a girl has her shit together smart making her own money i like older girls cause they seem more mature and dont care about every little flaw in a guy they are more understanding then the girls in my age group and plus im not into alott of things people my age are i like talking and hanging around older people and get along better with them im 17 im going for girls who are 18/19 any advice for older girls.


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  • yeah women that are 30 have their shit together, just go for them
    never go for girls under 30, they are goldiggers, dont have their shit together

    and just be yourself and flirt with the older ladies!

    • Ok and i mean some of them not all of them lol

    • Im 17 i dont like old people

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  • 18/19 year olds don’t have their shit together 😂 what. They’re also not really older than you.

    • Yeah your right i mean some of them lol

    • Shots fired 😂

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  • Just get your knowledge of sex and the city up and Bachelor/bachelorette trivia up and look your best, you’re bound to get swept up.

    Side note: you get bonus points if you aren’t afraid to sit with her on wine Wednesday’s at her place

  • 18 / 19 isn't old.
    I thought they would be 25+.
    Sry no advice, the type of girls u prefer are not what u think they are.


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