My crush likes but has a girlfriend?

My crush and I (whome I like for two years now ) went recently on a travel and we kissed and told each other that we liked each other but the day after he tells me he has a girlfriend and that he wants to be with lz but dont know how to leave her cause she's so sensitive and won't handle the breakup easily. What should I do?


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  • I don't want to make you feel bad about this because maybe he is honest with you. But in my opinion this guy just probably like to flirt around with you a feeling attractive in your eyes and uses the excuse of the sensitive girlfriend to make you believe that he will breakup. I saw thag before but I don't know how is your crush and maybe he's a good person but that's only my opinion

    • I've told him that since he's with her he shouldn't expect anything special from me. When he talks to me I answer him in a very normal way. Because I also think that if he wanted to be with me he will be honnest with his current girlfriend and tell her he wants to break up. I want to know nlw if I have to wait for him or not 😥

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    • I know it's hard to let go of someone you love but if this person doesn't make any effort to show you that he cares for you then it's not worth it. I hope it will end well.

    • I know. Thank yoi very luch for your opinion !!

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