So I told a girl that I like her and she replied to me the following... its a little bit confusing as she told me that she admires me... soo?

No it didn't really bother me. Just I didn't know what to respond. You are very generous and patient with me. And I feel like a total asshole by saying this. But I don't feel any kind of romantical feelings towards you. It doesn't mean that I hate you or anything negative in general. I admire you very, very much. (this last part made me confused , like she admires me as what?)


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  • If you tell a girl you like them and they come back with a response you can't interpret as directly being they like you back, safe bet they don't return your feelings. The admire bit was just her trying to soften the blow.

    • Oh ... thanks man ... the last part confused me a bit lol

    • Understandable. It can seem like a bit of a mixed message of they do that. She was just trying to take your feelings into account and make sure you didn't think she was rejecting you because you were repulsive or anything. Best of luck in the future!

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