I was ghosted do I unfriend her off Facebook?

Met a girl through mutual friends. Lasted only 2 weeks we went on 2 dates both ended with kisses and we held hands etc.

3rd date was planned and was going to be a double date with our mutual friends.

Day before our date she said was going out of town for the day that's cool. But the day she was out of town she ignored my text.

Next day our mutual friend said he text her and was told she's still out town... Another friend told me on a low that she just got out of a relationship and the ex lives were she went too. With her ignoring and being in that city it makes sense now...

She did a no call no show on the 3rd date so I just hung out with my friends alone and embarrassed... It's been 2 weeks now and still nothing. No sorry couldn't make it nothing I pretty much got ghosted...

She is still on my facebook. Should I delete her?
I was ghosted do I unfriend her off Facebook?
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