boyfriend ignores my feelings after opening Up?

So my boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 years and basically we have these boundaries where we do not travel with the opposite gender. We can hang out with the opposite gender and stuff but we limit it. Anyways I'm on vacation with my girls and he is away on a conference but he is also going on a mini road trip today with a bunch of people that he just Met, half being girls. I explained to him I dont feel comfortable with him going with random girls he just met even though there will be other guys. And he refused to acknowledge my feelings. And this hurts because I always listen to him. If he feels uncomfortable with some of the people I hang out I dont go!
I know that in a relationship there should be full trust but these were the boundaries we set for e. o in the beginning of our relationship but in starting to realize that when it comes to his needs he forgets those boundaries but only enforces them when the roles are reversed.
What do i do here?


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  • Travelling with girls, big deal lol that's obviously a reflection of what he does if he tells you to stop doing that lol.
    He sound insecure as hell, controlling you so that you be insecure as well. DW about it just shrug it off as whatever.

    • I wish it were that easy. It's bothering me a lot. And Friday night we both fly in. I don't know what to do.

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    • I feel so crazy right now. I truly feel like its all my fault and I'm getting anxiety from it all. I dont want to break uo with him yet but do you think he will eventually get back to me?

    • You're not crazy lol, you just feel that way cos of the abuse. You are perfectly sane dw and is in your right to feel the unfairness in the relationship as you feel it should go both ways but him controlling who you hang out with, was the red flag you missed. I don't know if he will come back, he probs wants you weak at the knees and begging for him back. Don't fall into it. It's his tactic of manipulation, he wants you to feel really bad. Hm wonder when he has ever apologized to you, probably never lol. Are things always your fault? Anyways.. once you break free from it all, you will see his ways clearer than ever.

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  • It comes down to trust. If the girls are De Facto part of his group, through work and stuff, what's the big deal? If he however went out of his way to invite them, that's a red flag, imho.

    • It is more about the principle then anything. He would never be okay with me going on a road trip with guys I just met so why does he think it is okay for him to do so?

      I missed some house parties bc he wasn't comfortable with the people throwing it. They are crazy I admit but i agreed and didn't go.

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    • You are right. He is blaming me though. Saying I am in the wrong. But i have missed a house party and a trip with my friends bc he wasn't comfortable with it. And he is saying i am the controlling one here

    • Let him finish his conference. When he gets back, take some time off for both of you to evaluate what works for each and what's important. Time changes everything, especially when emotions are involved. Hope it all works out.

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  • Eh... that doesn't sound good.. I was in that situation with my ex boyfriend and it just turned into a big fight. If you have trust him and y'all have been dating for so long, just trust him and maybe he forgot about it because he's stressed about his job, talk about with him face to face and dont let it get heated.
    Best of luck girl!

    • We already fought about it and he just doesn't seem to think he is wrong.

    • Sorry guys, but all guys think they are right.. and just trust him. You know? Its not a good relationship if there's not 50/50 trust. Dont really control him. And dont let him control you. Just do you.

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  • It sounds like you have both set your boundaries to high which is just going to make your relationship more difficult. It sounds like you both have trust issues


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