When did dating go from a competition of who can make the most romantic gesture illustrating their love to who can act like they care the least?

I just don't get it. People make it seem like being head over heels for your partner means they have all the power in a relationship and that you're the lesser of the two by being really into them. Everyone just acts like they only mildly like their partner. It just seems mentally abusive and immature yet everyone and their mother is doing it now and it's really sad... :(


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  • Because dating became about competing to have casual sex with the most people possible, rather than trying to find a life partner.

    • But this happens in marriages as well.

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    • Okay go be MGTOW somewhere else.

    • Well, you wanted an answer. If you'd rather throw a hissy-fit about how sad things are all on your lonesome, feel free.

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