Has anyone ever felt this kind of connection?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 7 months, most of that time being long distance (2 hours apart) we see each other at least 1-3 times a week.

Both my boyfriend and I are very shy, introverted people. We shy away from the same things, are more physically loving towards each other then verbally (not just in a sexual way, but always needing to be near each other, touching, holding hands, he will randomaly hug me out of nowhere and not let me go, and since he’s about a foot taller then me he often stands behind me and rests his chin on my head)

We are for, lack of better wording, almost exactly the same. I tell him he is the male version of me.

Even tho we are two hours apart, I can feel when he is having a bad day, even before he says anything about it. I was out of town all weekend with very little cell phone service, I was having a good time, but felt like something was off the entire time, I felt very uncomfortable and like I just needed to check in on him even tho I couldn’t. I ended up driving into the nearest town to get service and found out his grandma had passed away that morning.

There have been theee separate time now that I could tell he was getting sick before he knew, it was just something really subtle in the way he was acting, days before he even thought he may have been coming down with something. I’ll mention that I think he’s getting sick, he will deny it and say he feels 100% fine, and then a few days later he will be sick.

He is slightly less comfortable in social settings then I am, and the first time we really went out to dinner we chose a very loud up beat place that was extremely crowded that night. The second we walked in I could tell without even looking at him that it made him uncomfortable, I faked not feeling well and asked to get our food to go so he didn’t have to be so uncomfortable (he still doesn’t know that)

Is this some kind of weird connection or do other people feel this kind of thing?


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  • You've got a soulmate connection. Congratulations!


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