How do you kiss a guy?

I've never had a real official kiss how do I kiss a guy I like he's older and probably more experienced do I let him lead the way what if he makes fun of me because I obviously don't know what I'm doing or do I just relax will it come to me once the time comes?


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  • Just relax and it should come to you. Enjoy it, a first kiss is something special:) If your afraid that you'll "mess up" anyway, just tell him you've never kissed someone before. I told my boyfriend this and he completely understood. He initiated the first kiss then and I just followed his lead. Your first kiss will probably just be a peck on the cheek, so there's not much to follow.

    Over time you'll learn how to kiss better. I know my boyfriend can't even believe he was the first guy I kissed, now ;)

  • just relax and follow him, it comes naturally so don't be too caught up in how well you're doing.

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