How do you feel?

How do you feel when the girl like is with someone else?
  • Like you're dying inside?
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  • Like you fading?
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  • Like you should just give up?
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  • Like you should just move on?
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  • 1. Phase 1 - dying
    2. Phase 2 - should i let her be
    3 phase 3 - please take me
    4 phase 4 - f$ck that b**ch
    5. Phase 5 - i shouldn't have been rude
    6. Phase 6 - IDGAF
    7 phas3 - Moving on

  • She's my ex and we're still close friends, but thing got complicated a few months back and we had to end it.
    She's seeing this guy (I Dnt know anything about) even though we still love each other very much
    Makes me feel like I never existed, and my blood boils every time I imagine someone else touching my baby.
    It's unhealthy I know, but we both can't stand the thought of loosing each other too.

    • You're literally like me right now mate. in my opinion they don't deserve us. Haven't even talked with the girl I like (feelings fading away finally) in almost 2 weeks now. She "wants" to still be my best friend but does nothing to keep me so I just said fuck it. Can't stress over this anymore it's been months since that shit happened. I need to move the fuck on.

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    • Then don't the only reason she's talking to me is coz I m visiting friends that live in her city, she's been around ever since I got here, but yea before that she never really bothered.
      So go ahead and ghost her, coz when the opportunity comes you'll finally know what you really mean to her

    • Yeah probably. She's told me many time she would never be with "a guy like me". So fuck that. I'm gonna find someone who actually likes me for who I am and has full confidence in me.

  • Go for her, live today like there will be no tomorrow :)

  • Well personally I'd feel some of each at different stages of my getting over it but I'd eventually end up moving on because it's useless to dwell on it.

  • Disappointed, but one should just move on.

  • Normal i fine someone else

  • What's the question?

    • How do you feel when the girl you like is with someone else?

    • Oh okay lol. I'd keep tabs on her until she hits the free market if I don't pick up another chick by then that is. Um... if she's irresistible and the guy is weak ama have to do more then lol... but most times doesn't get this far n I don't it's ever that serious lol

  • Currently there, very painful.

  • I feel a mixture of jealousy and anger


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