How do I ask her out?

Okay so there's this barista at this coffee place, and I go there about twice a week. I know she was into me. If she's in the back she'll come out to talk to me and she's always smiling and acting kind of nervous. I didn't go there for like a month and now she seems kind of reserved and awkward, but I still really like her. Do you think I just hurt her feelings and that's why she's acting like that or do you think she's just not into me anymore? Keep in mind this is her place of work so I feel like there's another layer of consideration to take. Should I just leave her alone? I just really don't want to hurt her or make her uncomfortable.


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  • If you’re not going to talk to her leave this situation alone

    • I really want to keep talking to her. She's a really cool person, I like her. I just don't know how to move things forward at this point or if she even wants to.

    • Ask her number

    • Okay thank you I'll try that

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