Dating someone with a child, help!

i love my boyfriend, I really do, but the fact that he has a child from a previous relationship really bothers me. I try so hard to not get jealous, but I always end up unsuccessful. he tells me numerous times that he despises her and he wishes to get full custody of the child so he won't have to see her as often. this does make me feel better.. but that isn't the whole problem. I completely trust him and I know he isn't going to cheat on me, that's not bothering me, the thing that gets to me is that I will never be his son's mother. I know this is selfish, but I cannot help it. I always told myself that I wouldn't ever date anyone with children because I want to experience having a child with someone who it will be their first child as well. which again, makes me sound selfish. then, knowing his ex will always be there as their son is growing up kills me. I would give anything to make her go away, maybe its because she hates me, or maybe it is because she is still in love with my boyfriend.. but I think the real reason it is because I know they share a bond over their child and they will always somehow be interconnected.. but anyways, all of this has been stressing me for awhile now and I really feel like I need some advice. so, what should I do?


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  • I think you should break up with him. The relationship should not be this stressful. I think you should just talk to guys that have no kids and no extra baggage. I think it would make things less complicated for you and more easier. I can understand where you are coming from with the chld's mother still being in the picture. This alone makes the whole thing complex. If yo ucan get past the child and baby mother part then it could work out. If you can't then just move on.


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