Why get attention from someone else?

I wanted to talk to my girl over the phone, and she went online to Skype with other men instead of talking to me. Is she just bored with me? She says she wants to stay with me, but I don't understand why if she is only gonna leave me alone.


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  • Is this a common occurrence, and by "other men" do you mean strangers or guys she's actually friends with?

    • Strangers. It's common she would rather talk to a man she doesn't know than to me. Even if I miss her

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  • She told you she is going online to other men? What's the reason for her going online to others?

    • She doesn't give a coherent explanation

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    • I went online and saw her do it, then I confronted her. It was whisper. She was saying she wanted to chat on Skype

    • Sorry to hear. Seems like she is done with the relationship quite a bit.

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