I told her either we date or she loses me completely. Girls, did I do the right thing?

So me and this girl liked each other, she saw taking things to a relationship level as being too difficult because we are at very different times in our lives. I just can't be "just friends" with her so I told her either we date or she loses me completely. Any thoughts?


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  • Honestly? That is super harsh! I know waiting for someone you have strong feelings for is hard but its not right to give someone a time limit.

    Give her some time she will come around. Its not as if she doesn't want to be with you at all, she is just trying to figure some things out first.

    Relationships are hard, especially when strong feelings are involved with every other thing in your life!

    • My problem is I'll be going into the military in a few months. I want to give it a shot now to see where things go etc...if I wasn't on a time limit I definitely wouldn't be so apt to putting her on one. But I'm pretty sure my decision has sabotaged any chance of a relationship in the future, however I don't always know how girls think ha.

    • Your leaving? I see. Well maybe this can be a slower kind of thing. You leave and you both write and talk and bond while you are gone, so when you come back it can be so much more.

      Maybe because she knows you are leaving, she is afraid to start anything. If I was in that situation and started a new realtionship it would be very hard for me to watch my guy leave.

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  • I see nothing wrong with what you did. I mean for me I hate talking to I guy I like for a long period of time and have it not go anywhere because he doesn't want to be in a relationship. I would rather be just friends depending on the guy or nothing at all. So you did the right thing.

  • to me, you did the right thing. if I could get the balls to do that to a guy I'm confused with right now, I would. :/


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