My boyfriend tells me that I don't care about him? We're long distance :(?

Me and my boyfriend and long distance and every Friday we spend the whole day together via Skype. Monday-Thursday we only get to Skype during his 30 min break at work since I work morning, and go to school during the day, and he works nights.
Last Friday I wasn't able to spend the whole day with him via Skype because something came up with my mom. This resulted in him getting upset with me and telling me that I didn't value him, or value spending time with him.
Last night I had a full day and was only able to text him and Skype him for 15 mins before I went to bed.
Now this morning he's upset with me saying again that I don't value spending time with him and has brought up Friday's events even though I thought he solved the beef.
Even if I can't find time to , Skype I always text him, and tell him to text me but he says "I'm entitled to a Skype call. We've been in a relationship too long just to only be able to communicate via text."
Now he's saying things like:
"I always put him last."
"I'm lucky to have him since he doesn't drink/smoke/party"
"I need to ask him if he has anything planned for the day before I make plans with other people"

I feel like he's overreacting because this isn't a constant issue. This is 2 things that happened within the span of a week and he's making it bigger than it has to be. Is he being unreasonable or am I being neglectful?


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  • Personally I don't think anybody is unreasonable. I get that he would be upset that you couldn't Skype like you normally do, he probably looks forward to it all week but then in reality stuff does happen and if you need to attend a family matter then he needs to respect that. Plus your still texting him any way so you guys are still talking. Stuff still goes on. Life isn't on pause.

    • Thank you for your insight. What's hard is trying to get him to understand that though. I understand why he's upset. But he's not understanding how him being upset with me for things popping up and plans changing, isn't necessarily fair to me. I understand him being disappointed, but I don't feel like he should be angry with me.

    • He probably isn't angry at you, he might just be angry at the situation, and people do say that we take things out on the people we love.

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  • He is reasonable, being in a long distance relationship mean u can't see each other in real and texting Will not help

  • he's being reasonable


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