Okay so one of my friends in class realized that I was looking at my crush and she told him "She has eyes on you" and just shrugged and then she said?

"I think that is cute" so I don't know what that means is he flattered or he just doesn't care that I like him a lot? Almost every day he is very helpful and nice like this one time I was taking his vitals and I was taking his blood pressure and when we do that we're supposed to place the patient's arm on our waist and I forgot that day so I said "Oh shoot I forgot to put your arm here" and he lightly giggled and I giggled with him and throughout these two weeks he's been really helpful and I think two days ago he didn't give up on teaching me how to properly give a TB injection and I finally did it right and he offered himself for me to do it on him and I did it so yeah I don't know what all of this means and I've been wanting to ask for his number for like the longest time but I don't know how to or if I should


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  • Do it. That's all I can say. Do it.

    • Okay but how do I ask him for it and besides the getting his phone number thing does that mean that he likes me or he's interested or what does it mean

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    • Omg thank you 😊😊

    • You don't have to thank me. Just remember to make it easy for him and then he'll be happy to talk to you all or the time. If he sees that you're into him and if He's into You, it'll be easy enough for him to express what he feels because if he's into you he won't be afraid of rejection. If you make it easy for him to show his emotion then he will.

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