Girls, do you think shy virgin guys are hot, cute, etc. Or do you like experianced confident guys better?

Im shy and a virgin, nothing wrong with that just how it is, anyway i want your honest opinion what do you think of shy virgin guys compared to confident experianced guys? Let me also say i have my own reason why im still a virgin at 23 there my reasons and i'd say some are good ones so please dont judge me or anything, ok now to the point im very shy and i overthink way to much so when i see a beautiful woman say coworker, custormer etc. I think right away all woman like guys with experiance and won't give a inexperianced guy like me a snowballs chance in hell. So please ladies let me know what you really think.


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  • I do. My best friend is shy when you first meet him but once you get to know him he’s very social. He’s also a virgin and he’s super hot.


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