Help me write a dating profile bio! ;)?

It's my first time on a dating app, I joined about a week ago and I haven't had too much success. Perhaps its the way I look, my photo choice or simply the preference of girls in my area.
I figure getting down a good bio section is the easiest thing to fix tho, so here I am.

What normally works well, have you got any tips?
Here's an example of what I've written:
"Morning hikes and all-weekend road trips.
Squash during the day, drinks and movies at night
Occasional gym goer, avoider of crowds, hyper competitive
Sound like you? Hit me up for solid bantz, coffee and maybe a drink later"


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  • Age: 25
    Occupation: Secret Agent Vampire
    Penis Length: Too much to handle
    Hobbies: saving the world, cooking and listening to stupid stories when you're on your period.

    That profile is guaranteed to get you laid.


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