Why no more romance stuff?

I told my boyfriend I didn't want to have sex or do any sexual stuff for a few months (as a test to see if he loves me without it), and told him I truly meant it, and to respect me as so. So, he hasn't engaged in any sexual stuff, flirtation or anything. Even when I send him sexy pics, he sort of brushes it off and changes the topic. Now its to the point where he doesn't bring up any sexy or romantic stuff, and is very, standoffish. I only told him no sexual stuff, that doesn't mean he has to be so standoffish with things right?

*He still loves me and goes on dates, but nothing more than kissing, hand holding, and hugging.


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  • im confused as to what kind of test is that? like really, what you're trying to get him to do?
    if my girlfriend said ok lets stop having sex for a couple of months id like feel something is very wrong.
    you say you want to "test" him, but you admit he still loves you. so maybe its time we send the lab guys home please.


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  • Sounds to me like he's doing exactly what you asked of him. What's the problem, exactly?


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  • Just trying to respect you as you asked for it. OwO nothing to get stressed over. XD. Just being the honest and respectful man you asked him to be.

  • Just like a woman to make a rule and want the guy to break it.

  • What the fuck are you doing?


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