Guys who are emotional unavailable could she be a rebound?

i like this guy we met back in January he talked about his ex girlfriend how they where together for 5 years and when they broke up she got with someone and is happy with the new guy. But the guy was still bringing up the ex girlfriend Jessica how she didn't support his career and she didn't like his family stuff like that.. (idk how long was it since they broke up ) but he said he dated a girl since he left the ex (they dated for 6months) and he ended it cause he said it didn't felt right how she started talking about kids and where they where going to live so he ended it.

he said he wanted to focus on his career and job (he didn't say it to me but I was there ) when he said this it was January

2 months later he's "SEEING"a girl named jasmine do u think she's a REBOUND? .

He kept avoiding me he didn't say hi he told me how's it going in a low low voice then he the new girl comes

He still talking about the ex not to me but someone else

I saw he hasn't posted anything on his Instagram with this new girl "jasmine" that he's "seeing" but I found he's following her and she hasn't posted anything with him , either he just liked her pictures.. but I did notice she's following his sister is that Bad thing for me?

Would it be a good idea for me to move down there where my family lives that way I can be near him or close to him, he knows my family he's best friends with my cousins boyfriend.. and he's friends with all of my cousins and he knows my aunt too so does his brother. In a way when I met him I didn't think I would see his brother or family at my cousins family events.. I haven't been introduced to them yet or even with him (we are acquaintances) since I don't live over there.
he would always greet me with a. Hug even the 1st time i met him i was going to give him a 🤝 He gave me a hug, this time he gave me a handshake goodbye not only that but he said oh that handshake sucks he gave me another handshake. Why did he do that was there a purpose?
  • it's probably a rebound cause he dated a girl also in the past and it didn't work out with the ex girlfriend
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  • It could be serious if she met his family
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  • It's not that Serious if she is following his family if they stop seeing eachother than they will unfollow and that's it
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  • If you go work down there you may still have a chance
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  • It's a good thing he knows your family and his family can sometimes be around you if you where to move down there
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  • He gave you a handshake twice it means he might still have some sort of feelings for you
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  • He was talking in a low voice cause he felt worried or sad cause he probably liked you but didn't want to face you because he was bringing jasmine over
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  • I think he is the type of person that does not want to be alone but does not want a serious relationship.

    • Can I wrote to u what happened it's a little long to read but I do need the help.

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    • Ok... so what are you feeling about him

    • Sorry that was long I hope you can read it and tell me what you think

  • sorry am too long to read but i wish you the best of luck!


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