Kissing and hand holding?

do you think kissing and hold hands are off limits for fwb? I feel this makes sex more intimate


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  • Not off limits, so long as both parties are interested. However, some people who want nothing more complicated than a FWB will not be open to such intimacy because it equates to a deeper level of emotional attachment than they are experiencing.

    And then again, there are people who need the kissing, affection, and intimacy who won't settle for just a FWB relationship.

    • You are so dead on right!!! some people won't get too mushy especially if they're in an FWB relationship because they don't want to lead the other on unless they feel the same like falling for each other. because gentle and passionate kissing especially hand holding indicates emotions like falling in love.

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  • Not really. "friends with benefits". So you can still be friendly and still respect one another. I have feelings for my FWB, but again its a respect thing. But those feelings are more then friends but not enough to be lovers, kinda thing.


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  • .I agree with lavender... Hand holding, particularly, is so personal. We kiss everyone if you think about it. It's the in thing, so to speak :-) Maybe, inside, you may be wanting something more from this relationship...? Best of luck. Cheers!