Girls, what sorts of things make you interested in a guy or respect him?

Time and time again I've seen self- identified "nice guys" complain about how girls don't like them. To me, these guys often seem needy and not too respectable, but I'm a guy, so yeah.

So what kind of things would make you fall for a guy, or at least become interested in him or respect him?

-Small talk/Charisma?
-Seeming "bad" or "tough"?
-Having (or at least it seeming like) he's hung?
-Or are you actually into REAL nice guys, and self-identified "nice guys" are just poseurs?

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  • I like guys who you can have a good time with without having to worry about embarassing yourself. A guy who can make you feel amazing on your worst day, and make you forget about everything else but his smile. Most self proclaimed nice guys can't do that huh


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