Would you date someone like this?

Would you date someone who already had a kid from a other girlfriend. My boyfriend has an 7 year old son and my parents think I'm getting my self into drama with the baby momma.

They told me that he isn't here for the long run and we are not going to get married or anything.

Would you date a women/man who had kids already.


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  • This girl i really like has a 4 year old and im struggling with that question myself. I've had a step dad and it was a bad experience, i don't want to be the guy that gets in between their relationship and who the kid hates. I love this woman and her kid is awesome but i dunno.

    • I have step dad and mom now and also my biological parents, and it's complicated his son just amazing and awesome but I'm not sure I want to get into this kind of issue battling with the real mom over the kid and me being there or not

    • If the issue is just with the previous partner id say go for it. Who cares what they think? If the guy and his kid like you Thats all in the world that matter and you'll have their support

    • I met the kid the other day as the guys girlfriend and we went to dinner couple times and we bonded as well. I think I'm going to go with it.

  • no I wouldn't sorry :/


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