Girls, How Do I Give Up On Dating?

I'm depressed and can't sleep so why the fuck not? It's been done to death but, almost ALL women hate short men.

But you know what? I understand why the majority of women see them as subhuman. I mean, take me for example: I'm short (5'4), autistic, immature, have a small penis, am not as funny or charming as I'd like to be or think I am, am a nuisance, and have a bunch of weird, nonsensical fetishes (I say this because a Yahoo Answers post stated that the majority of short men have these traits). I honestly don't know what the women I've dated possibly saw in me. Maybe they settled? Maybe they were desperate? Maybe they just had self-esteem so low that they said "Eh, fuck it. This fucker will do". Maybe they were high? That has to be it. It's the only logical explanation. Maybe this is the low self-esteem alongside the paranoia asking, but I need to know how to forget about women (in terms of dating). I need to face facts that a lot of, or most women, do not favour short men (one post on here even suggested that they were "repulsive"). And that's fine. I don't even like myself. Everyone has a right to their preferences. Also, how can I stop flirting? See that's the main thing because I LOVE flirting! I have a knack for it. But any advice would be much appreciated.

Just answers from women because I'm not trying to start a gender flame war yo.
And no this is not sarcasm. This is the upmost sincerest of truths I have posted.
I wish I could give more than just one "most helpful answer". But alas, I cannot.:(


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  • You need to learn to love yourself.
    My first boyfriend was 5'2 and I'm 5'9. He came off as confident, the funniest guy I knew and was so charming and considerate with me, I adore him and still think about him. But I moved a lot and he had moved on... lol.
    Love yourself, find yourself, appreciate yourself and the rest will follow.

    • I'm so sorry for the late-as-hell response Love. And yeah. I do feel a bit better about it. Thank you ever so much. You're right. Confidence IS key to success in healthy and happy relationships. I don't care what others say. You cannot love another without first loving YOURSELF and realizing that YOU matter. I think we just forget that we ourselves matter.

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