If you fall for a friend that doesn't feel the same way, but you don't want to lose the friendship, how do you handle your feelings over the matter?

This friend gets annoyed at the fact that i have these feelings, and they have been treating me pretty poorly as a result. Pretty sure she's gaslighting my concerns. All I want is to be her friend. Feelings or no feelings because i respect her as a person.


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  • Just focus on the friendship aspect and be sure to never overstep any boundaries, also set your sights on someone else.


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  • I’d let the friendship go

    • Normally I would too, but i don't for 2 reasons.

      1. She is a good person for the most part and we have a lot of similarities in terms of morals and ideals
      2. I feel like I can't because i really don't want to

    • I know the 2nd sounds like a copout, but we have had some really good times and bad times. We've kind of fought to reach the point we're at

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