How you describe your perfect boyfriend?

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  • The perfect boyfriend is someone I love and who is able to make me smile even at my worst. He is caring, funny and trustworthy. These are basically the only characteristics that really matter but if I was creating the PERFECT guy he would be
    -ginger with blue eyes and freckles
    -plays the guitar and sings
    -into sports and cooking

    • sadly I am 167 cm a little but under 5'6 , how tall are you?

    • @PointOnLine I’m 5’6”
      Again I’m describing the perfect guy. I’ve gone out with a guy that is 5’5” before... it’s not a deal breaker for me

  • Someone who understands me, respects me, and someone who isn't ashamed of talking to me about personal things. Someone that knows what it wants and fights for it. Someone who is mature enough to say i love you and to be with me through the hard times

  • A guy who makes me feel safe but not weak, a guy that cares for me without being clingy, a guy who is confident but not arrogant or cocky. A balanced boyfriend

    • regardless of height 😃

    • Yup, I don’t care for tall guys more than short or the other way around, it’s not their height that I’m falling in love with.

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