Three guys are tripping me up man, what should I do?

Alrighty. I'm gonna seem like an awful person here, but there are three guys who I have (accidentally!!) taken an interest in. This is a BIG ask, but I need someone to please tell me if they could have an interest back, and if they seem like dateable people.

A little about me: I'm sporty, artistic, smart and funny because I'm dry and sarcastic (or so I've been told). I have a lot of trouble liking people back and it's super weird for me to be interested all of a sudden. Also I over-analyze EVERYTHING.

Person#1: We are pretty good friends, and we have very similar personalities. I think he likes me, he's just afraid to have a relationship with anyone. He stares at me for long periods of time leans in close to me, punches me/touches me etc. What should I do?

Person#2: We are friends by circumstance (same friends, sport, etc.) He's typically a really outgoing guy, but he gets kinda quiet around me. He is really funny and he thinks I'm really funny, but I think he thinks I'm a player, but I've only dated/been in a relationship with one guy so I'm not... how do I fix that? He knows that I like cars and he tries to talk about cars with me a lot. My friend, who is friends with him told me that she thinks he might like me. Also he just recently broke up with his girlfriend of almost two years.

Person#3: Jesus, do we get along well. We were hanging out recently (just us two, we went to a scary movie). We are kinda mean (in a good way) to each other, and flirty. I catch him looking at me a lot and he treats me different then other people, he's seems more confident around me. He does that eyesex thing with me, however, he is taking someone else to prom (idk if he's dating her) and I've been told different things about him from different people, he's a really great guy that would never hurt anyone, and that he's a player. I don't know who to believe.

Thank you SO MUCH, this has been stressing me out quite a bit.


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