Did he just play with me?

I really like this cute guy from my class. I've always had a feeling that he kinda liked me too, he was always very nice.

A few weeks ago he invited me to a party in a club. I thought it would be a good idea to get to know him better, so I went there.. We had so much fun together! We talked a lot, he bought me drinks. We got really drunk and we kissed twice (I don't remember it very well tho lol)
He was texting me saying that he liked me even before and I was really cute, nice and smart. I thought it was because he was drunk. But he actually said that again the day after - that he thinks I'm beautiful etc. He was telling me so many nice things that it was actually pretty intimidating.

A week later we were supposed to hang out but he said he was sick. He canceled our date so I decided to hang out with my friends instead and we went to a bar. Guess what... I saw him there with friends. 🤣
He promised that he was actually sick (he even looked sick...) and that he was convinced by his friends to go out, even though he didn't want to.
I didn't believe him and I told him to fuck off because I though he just lied. But he kept texting me and he apologized so many times so I gave him the second chance. He said that actions speak louder than words and he will show me that he actually cares. Well, he was texting me a lot, even waiting for me after class, helping with a project. It was pretty cute. He said: "I think you're an amazing person and I am really interested. I really crush on you." He also said he was infatuated with me. I'm not from here, I'm from a different country, so I'm going home for the summer. He said that it won't change his mind about me and he's okay with me leaving.
Welllll... we talked a lot about places we should go to before I actually leave for the summer, but he never made any actual plans.
We were busy with finals, and he said that after we are done, he wants to take me out on a date. Like an actual date. Well I feel kinda stupid because I'm waiting for something that probably won't even happen. 🙃 school is over, and he just stopped texting me. We have a streak on Snapchat and a red heart emoji, but he's not texting me anymore. He just started ignoring me 🙃 he still sends me one snap a day, just to maintain the streak, but I'm just wondering why? Why would you even bother lol
He sends me snapchats that he probably sends to everyone. Should I even reply?
And a question to all the guys - why would you even do that? If he's not interested, why did he say all of these nice things if he wasn't sure? It seemed like he really liked me as a person, not only how I look. And my question - should I just ignore him? He doesn't know what he wants. Or should I actually ask him what the heck he wants from me? Why does he still care about the streak? Lol please help


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  • I genuinely feel like you guys have something good going on. The only thing is that although it seems good right now I feel as though the future is also a bit uncertain

    • Right. I just don't know if I should ignore him now or what. He said we were gonna hang out next week. But I feel like this is never gonna happen. I don't know if it's better to ignore him and forget or ask what the heck happened that he suddenly started ignoring me?

  • No he really likes you.
    It's just that he's not fully prepared to be in a relationship with you

  • ok...


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