Does a person's job determine if you're interested in dating them?

Do you think that because a person works a certain job/career that would determine if you should date them? Please explain
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  • As men, we usually don't care about a woman's job. We mainly look for physical attraction and then look at her personality.

    I think you'll find women most definitely do care a lot more about a man's job. There was a guy I used to know who was quite attractive and used to get a lot of dates with women, but he was a window cleaner and he always used to watch the woman's face suddenly droop when he told them that, needless to say out of everyone I knew, he had the record for the most dates that didn't go anywhere. Shame, he was a respectable guy too, I'm sure he'll find someone who doesn't care.

    • That's a bit sad. Hopefully somebody will actually appreciate what he has to offer, besides a paycheck.

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  • I want a girl who can financially support herself, preferably comfortably.

  • She better earn more then me and be better educated or no deal

  • Maybe.


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