Why does every female friendship I enter into always have to involve sex? Like we can't just be close friends they always want to have sex eventually?

Like I can't just make you laugh sometimes, hang out, grab a bite. Does intimacy always have to be invovled. And if say no, they look at me like I'm crazy


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  • Perhaps they assume that because you’re attractive, they want to use you as a fuckboy, which technically makes them fuckgirls? I don't know Tis the aggravating life of being good looking.

    • Yea. So your good looking too huh

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    • Kk 👍🏻 hold up

    • I texted you

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  • Sometimes both girls and guys actively try to suppress certain feelings and convince themselves that they’re able to be just friends with a guy. Unfortunately, spending lots of quality time with a person can arise feelings more than friendship if the desire is already there buried inside somewhere which, for the girls you’re referring to, gets to be too much for them where they feel they should ask if you’d be down to be friends with benefits. I do have 2 guy friends however who have tried to make advances on me and I honestly am very turned off by it. So perhaps this is the reverse situation that you are in, as the girl with guy “friends” wanting more. Honesty is always the best policy, so I’d have an open conversation with these girls about whether they can manage to keep things platonic or not, because the tendency to want more bothers you.


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