Do I have a reason to not trust my boyfriend, or am I jelous? Help a girl out?

I’m sorry for asking this again but I’m still struggling with this and in case I’m wrong, I don’t want to screw up my relationship with him. I love the guy.

My boyfriend and and I have been dating for 7 months and have known each other for 9. He’s introduced me to everyone in his family and all his close friends except for the one female friend he has.

At first he offered to introdice me to her but after he told me she has major anxiety, I said no. Apperantly she said no too (air didn’t know this till months later). As he hung out with her more, I changed my mind and wanted to meet her. But he just said she had anxiety and I never got to. I’ve mentioned three times I was insecure and not comfortable, the first time he reacted by freaking out. “Ew no gross” second time he told me he doesn’t see her like that and she’s gross. She’s nothing more than a friend. Finally I let it go... By the third time, I had my reason. We were establishing boundaries. I found out he went to her house when he sent me a photo of her. I confronted him and he said he did go and he told me the date. I looked backed in my texts and he told me he was at work

then he also gave me three different stories on what happened. 1) they played video games, talked, and played with party poppers. 2) he was venting to her about us 3) she was venting to him about a friend who passed away

he never gave me a background until I confronted him. And oddly, whenever I try to reach out and want to meet her, she’s all of a sudden too distant and depressed from him. I told him I don’t mind at all he’s friends with her.

Whats getting me is his facts that don’t add up. He’s not reassuring me. He talks about having a future with me and we were supposed to move in in a few months..., but then there’s this.

Am am I Crazy?


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  • Nope.. you are not crazy.. I am certain he would feel just how you are if you had a guy friend that he could not meet... he is hiding something about her and them.

    • Hi! I talked to you about this on the last question. I did speak to him over the phone and we established boundaries. When I told him calmly about wanting to meet her, he just said that she’s been distant from him too and she didn’t want to meet me. She doesn’t want to see him either apperantly. I told him all his contradictictions and he just told me “I already told you I tried talking to her, I don’t know what else to do”

      I’m at my last straw of hope right now. Would it be okay for me to ask him to show me the text he sent her about me wanting to meet her? Or is that pushing it?

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    • I’ll follow your advice. Thank you so much!

    • You are welcome.. good luck, hope it all works out.

  • You will know if your too jealous. If he is untrust worthy he will prove you right and then you will have to move on. It will be harder to trust your new boyfriend. But you must go on with your life.


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