Guys, Is there a way to tell a guy that I still want to see him even if I kind of had blown him off twice?

I mean there is this guy who is 44 ys old im 47. We met 3 years ago during a family trip. We are not in a relationship or even a couple, lets say we are like Friends. This guy though was attracted to me when h met me but I found out until last year in our second date, he never admitted me he had the hots for me until our second date. In our second date I also admitted to him on that date I was a virgin and he told me he did not mind, that date was in October (and in taht second date he wanted after lunch to go to a motel but I told him no) but he wanted to get laid with me evern before October but the first time he kinda of propsoe me to go to a motel room was like 4 months before October before I took a trip to Europe in June but we saw each other again after my return in October. Sincé it is going to be my first time is natural im nervous and a bit of afraid as I dont know what will happen, he is no virgin I brought him soem souvernirs from London which he loved and thanked me.

March in this year during a local trip with the family, a trip he was going to go with my male cousin who is this guy best friend for 25 years , but at hte end he di dnot go and neitehr my cousin. One of his plans if he was going was to finally have sex with me. and even told me one week before my trip "get prepared". The thing is during the trip we kinda of text and he told me that he want to Fuk me as it is time for that after 3 years of knowing each other In those 3 years we did not hang out often or see eah cother often just like 3 times in person taht was all, iis the reason we are not in a relationship anyway but uwe do know each other. and are more like Friends. The thing is during this trip he told me that after my return we have to see each other to get intimate. I returned and one week after indeed he texted me on a Saturday if we could go taht day later tonite. SInce his text came unexpected and out of the blue I made my own plans for that Saturday so I told him
" I could not because I was not at home and I was running some errands with my mother who asked me to joing her" but I suggested him we can go out the following week. In the days before this text he did not contact me to arrange anything for that weekend. so it is not my fault i was not available when he texted me. So he told me "What is the fear I wanted in order not to loose the moment , you are dragging this too long or lets leave lit like that and we will talk later"

I replied I had
no fear but thath day I could not I was not in my house and i was running some errands and then focus we could see each other the following week. Bad timing it was that day between us He seems he got bothered he could not get laid and probably believed I was a bluff I lead him on and nothing. yet and he may had lost interest in me beauwse I said no again. I mean im still nervous of taking the plunge, I want to see this guy again and set a date again but he may be mad cause I turn him down again


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  • If you don't want him on you, don't let him. Don't ever do something in a relationship you don't want to. If he's mad you turned him down, forget him. He doesn't care about you, he's just in it for the "benefits". Guys like that are scumbags and should be tossed aside, make room for less poisonous people in your life.

    • We are not in a relationship

  • He's not gonna give up yet, the sexual motivation is just too much to not be moved by it! Maybe you contact him if he didn't try to get to u in a few days, ask him how's he doing and so..

    • I mean I doubt he still want to go out cause I had turn him down twice and probably beleive I chicken out and how come I coward at my 47 years of age if we are both adults and he maybe is loosing patience and he can move to another lady friend if he is this horny for women and not just me. This incident of him texting me on a Saturday when I could not was almost one month ago. I suggested him that day we can arrange for the following week but he did read my text but di dnot text me anything back saying "Sure or yes" maybe he was still upset that said no The following week came and never contacted me, so I asume his ego had been torn down 3 times from me and maybe he is n ot liking that. and maybe he does believe that I have this fear of having sex and I will never get it over it. During the local trip I mention I did told him how much I enjoy his kissing him turning me on each time I had seen him in the past and I even send him some undies photos and one video heheh,

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    • How can I woo him back in case he lost interest in me and the reason he stopped contacting me since I said I could not 3 weeks ago when he watned to have sex but I could not and he beleived I got coward in my 47 years of age. I mean dont be fool. If I do it I still will be nervous and afraid this sentims are something Iit won't go away and the chance of getting knocked up is anotehr reason for me to back off, he does not know that, that I dont want to get pregnant especially when he once told me he does not like to use a condom, anotehr reason why I still dont want to take the plunge even if one side of me says go for it, beause is a guy I do like and not a stranger but knowing that it be sex only as the guy does not like the idea of developing any relationship with me at the moment.

    • U r very detail oriented, which is good sometimes, but in these things u need to loosen up a bit and act as u feel.

  • FUCK him.. he doesn't deserve the honor of deflowering that sweet pussy. He shouldn't be like that. When you want to that's when you're ready. Besides you should have that sweet pussy licked really good beforehand anyway. Hit me up, I'll show you.

    • I know he acted like a kid getting upset beause I could not meet the day HE wanted but I was not at home and he never contacted me days before to arrange that we were going to see each other taht weekend. im assuming he is upset I have no proof he was but his no contact with me lately it is why i asume he got bothered I turn him down one more time.
      He may believe I dotn want to have sex with him anymore and I got coward at my adult age and that probably is a turn off for him because I had lead him on weeks before and he is waiting to have sex with me since we met 3 years ago and still nothing and when he finally can get laid I am turning him down again inthe course of 3 years the reason he said "you are dragging this too long" I have to clarify one thing Im a virgin sure and Im attracted to him since I met him 3 years ago. but dont u believe Im not nervous of taking the plunge Im still nervous of what is going to happen as I never ever ever been through that and Im still abit afraid but on

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    • So he ssked me what is the fear? You are dragging this too long or lets leave it like that. I replied i had no fear simply i was not available that day i was not at home. But i did suggested him to see each other the following week.
      So i assume he got bothered and upset one more time he did not have sex with me so he may beleives i got chickened out and i was too much blah blah or lead him on months before months before and i show him photos and acted eager on sexting or for more but now i backed off somsay start to loose interest. So now he may had decided not to contact me anymore.
      He also could think im just assuming he thinks i dont act so eager to have sex with him but he has to remember im a virgin things take time but of course he think 3 years of knowi g each other and nothing. Well we are not even in a relationship or we are not even a couple. But i m still a bit nervous and sure afraid if i have sex with him it be my first time. Although he told me he will treat me nice

    • During march sexting.. but as a man he may loose interest seeing im dont act eager or bolder towards him and i still chickened out of the idea of having sex that could be a turn off especially when im already 47 where i should be acting more mature and not eait so much or keep waiting. But then he is scting like a teenager in heat wanting the sex when HE wants.
      I have to be honest iam attracted to him since i met him e years ago and i never had stopped thinking about him the times i had see him in person in the course of 3 years about 6 times in total i like seeig hom and i get all nervous around him i get butterflies. The guy really turn me on a little. BUT he wants thing sooner and not eait anymore after 3 years. He told me It is time it hss been too long.
      But now it seems he is updst with me or lost interet in me cause i ssid no again like one month ago when he texted me but i was not avsilable that day.
      I do want to see him again i like seeing him but how to get his interet agsin?

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