When dating online, what is creepy or scary to you?

I think you should stop take photo somewhere just not with someone with unless your trying give moment say hey I have this also. I have goats I take care of so I have my reasons I have give evidence they do exist. Pooch that does prevent me from working sometimes too.
  • ex-girlfriends or current girlfriends (they don't label them)
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  • wives or ex wives (why are they stil in dating sites)
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  • children photos should posed where they are with them together.
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  • Angry looks... hey this man or woman never smile.
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  • Bare chested men when there are no abs (shh just think what that means)
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  • Driving car pictures (whose driving the car and taking that photo)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • " Hey I have abs, do you like them?"
    - sends pics of different abs (even different skin color) - 😂


Most Helpful Guy

  • The goats would be creepier to me than most of the choices.

    • Hey hairless cat would be creepy to me, or doll collection... goats no I don't think unless goat was dressed up that would mean you don't care what goat thinks. I don't do that goats because goats strip so fast... its like whoo gone.

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  • the potential rapists and murderers

  • Online dating is creepy enough on its own

    • Hey if you don't have means to get out or find time during work time I find it only means communicate with another person, dating online and chatting makes sense... I don't own web camera or mobile phone due to fact service is discontinued I have no idea why?

  • Nothing


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