Friendship time limit?

Can a guy and a girl be friends for at least a year to get to know each other before starting a romantic relationship?


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  • Of course. I have quite a lot of female friends that I have known for many years now. I had casual sex with some of them, but I never stated a relationship with someone I knew for more than a year.

    • Um ew. And that doesn't really answer my question

    • It does. I agreed that it's possible and added some personal experience to add an example of what a friendship can look like without getting involved romantically.

    • I have to admit I misread your question. I read "without starting a relationship", not "before starting". I'm sorry.

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  • Sure there's no time limit. Just remember that in that year he may get with someone else.

    • I wouldn't forbid him from talking to other people or whatever he can go on dates or whatever he wants but my requirements is a year as friends to get to know someone. I want to be in love before starting a romantic relationship with someone

    • That's totally plausable. Most of the people I know who are in relationships started out platonically.

      And if you meet someone who's into you and you tell him your one year rule and he waits you'll know for sure he's into you :)

    • Yeah most give me the bs "I know I like someone with in a week or two." And I'm like "you want one thing so bugger off" lmao

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