Do women generally don't have kinks?

I am a guy who has had a lot of sex so it got boring, and that's when I started discovering kinks. Now my sexual partners mostly don't share those so they want to have just plain sex.


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  • Men are by far the biggest drivers of "kink", and true fetishes are exponentially more common among men.

    It's not that women are never kinky, however you define that.

    Historically we have been the ones shamed for sexual expression, and told it is our duty to be virtuous, virginal and vapid. We have been expected to uphold certain values, certain levels of property. All of this has a chilling effect on the sexuality of women.

    The more women are allowed our own self-agency, the more we learn to stop trashing women and congratulating men for the same behaviors, the easier it is for women to find unique ways to express themselves sexually.

    • But what if you and I were dating and I asked you if I could lick your feet or tell you to wear stockings and heels only to tear them off off you and fuck you like my own submissive? Doesn't that give you freedom to explore your own kinks?

    • That wouldn't give ME freedom, because I am not submissive. Some women might like that.

      My experience has been male doms of female subs wouldn't know how to unlock a woman's kinks even if you handed them the key. It's pitiful to watch them work.

  • We have kinks, yeah, but they don't overwhelm us like guy kinks do.

  • They hve. But they don't show.


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